There I was, settling down for the World Cup preview and even considering supporting our neighbours, when within minutes it was spoiled by the old ignorance.

Gary Lineker's opening line ' England may have invented the game but Brazil made it their own.'

This was after a video portrayed Charles Miller - a Scotsman - as the man credited of taking the game to Brazil.

England invent football? Do your research.

George Stewart Sent by email

Show bizarre

Watched the opening ceremony of the World Cup - let's hope the football is better. You couldn't hear the singers and the show was just bizarre. Maybe Glasgow will have better in store for the Games.

C Perkins Glasgow

Motor misery

Glasgow, the friendly city? Not if you are in a car. In Cambridge Street I watched a car being ticketed, then towed away for being in a bay too long. What misery for some driver. The city is becoming a no go area.

Johnny Mack Posted online

Harry rotters

I am appalled at the abuse heaped on J K Rowling, a well-loved author, by some independence supporters. It seem if the 'yes' campaign win, Scotland will not be a country in which one can express other views.

Beware if you disagree with the Nationalists. Agree with us, or else!

Wars have started like this. Surely there is room for differing views?

Doreen Jobson Via emai