As general manager of Silverburn for the last seven years, I've been delighted with the relationship we've built up with the local community.

As flagged in your newspaper yesterday however, despite every effort to ensure responsible and respectful behaviour in the area surrounding our mall, a small minority of shoppers find it acceptable to dump trolleys in the nearby Brock Burn.

We work closely with M&S and Tesco - whose trolleys they are - to try and overcome the problem. Our own team have even cleared the burn themselves as part of our ongoing community engagement plan and we have regular patrols of the area. This weekend, our patrol spotted one trolley in the burn - but this is still one too many.

Silverburn's £20million extension is set to open in the autumn, creating around 500 jobs. There's much to celebrate and we're keen to ensure the quality of our offer inside, is also reflected in the quality of our surroundings outside too.

We continue to closely monitor the situation and ask that anyone who witnesses trolleys being dumped to report back to the mall.

David Pierotti

General manager, Silverburn

Mortgage rates

There is talk of the interest rate rising this year sometime.

Already we have the mortgage payers complaining about their mortgages will go up.

What about the poor savers who have been subsidising them for years?

It is about time we got a decent interest rate on our savings after helping them pay their mortgages. If they can't afford it they shouldn't have taken them out in the first place. Why should I help to pay for somebody's house.


Via e-mail


I am not overly technically minded, but I am passionate about my country and I cannot believe that the Independence debate has been overshadowed by cyberbullying.

It doesn't matter what camp you are in, Yes, No or haven't a clue, it is totally wrong for bullying of any kind.

Let's get back to the real issues and the real talking points.

C Gentles