WITH regards your dumped shopping trolleys story (Monday), I'm originally from Canada, and our shopping 'carts' have built in sensors so you can't take them off the property.

If you try to, they lock up and are unmovable. There's your solution.

Lisa Heckel

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Hampden exit

WITH regards to last Tuesday's article on claims SFA could pull out of Hampden.

Why not make a list of suitable stadiums to hold cup finals or internationals and announce where semi-finals and finals may be played before the draw for the first round is made.

Make a rule that the semis and the final must be played at a neutral venue drawn from the list of suitable stadiums.

Tony McGraw

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Baton journey

I'M delighted to see the Queen's Baton making its way through Scotland ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

It is starting to make it feel quite real. There might be a lot of talk of road disruption and fines, but I for one intend to sit back and watch it all from the comfort of my own armchair.

C Rogers

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Brain clinic help

I know there has been a lot of bad publicity about the NHS but I personally want to thank the brain injury clinic and the North West community team for all their help.

Peggy Houston

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Bridge concern

Glasgow is sprucing up in preparation for the Commonwealth Games.

Our city should look wonderful but unfortunately many thoroughfares are blighted by messy railway bridges and arches.

The new properties in Cumberland Street are being landscaped to further enhance their desirability. Yards away a decrepit, crumbling railway bridge is an eyesore.

I believe many readers will have noted other dilapidated network rail property that is a blight on their area. The council should address this directly with Network Rail, they are spoiling the efforts of the council.

Patricia Kingwell