I KEEP reading about 'superfast' broadband in Glasgow, yet I stay only about two miles from the city centre and cannot get any reasonable speed of broadband.

I've previously read reports about the whole city being covered by superfast broadband, but what about those, like myself, who appear to have been left behind and forgotten?

There is no cable service in my area, only the old-fashioned landlines, linking to telegraph poles.

J McMillan Via email

Late for work

Further to the city council asking the public to change their routes to work or travel earlier or later during the Games. Perhaps I should ask my manager if I can start later or work from home.

I'm sure she and the parents of the nursery children I care for would be delighted by this, or does the Council expect them to change their hours also?

Lots of people, like me, work set shifts. Who came up with this totally unworkable alteration for the two weeks?

Aileen Johnstone Royston

It's no change

THE council's 'change of plan' over the planned Burnbank homeless hostel is, in the reality, the same plan, just over a different period.

The simple fact, is large homeless units do not work - particularly when run by unqualified staff - and this one is doomed to failure, offering no hope to the men housed in it, nor local residents.

M Reid Via email

Games gaffe

RE. William Hague's gaffe, about supporting Team GB at the Commonwealth Games.

He says we are "working together" but, as far as I know, central government is contributing nothing towards the Games, whereas £6.25billion of central funding went to the London Olympics, not to mention £2bn plus of lottery money.

Scotland is getting neither - although I do gather some Lotto cash is to go to community based projects.

Rosalyn Faulds Glasgow