I married at the age of 22, when I took out a mortgage.

We did not start a family until I was 30, because it was only then that we could afford it. We had no such thing as child allowance in those days.

I worked all my days and retired with a small works pension, which is taxed, so it annoys me when I hear how the nation faces pension problems, because we are all living too long.

My message is simple; if you cannot afford things, whether they be a house, a car or even a family, don't complain that others have things that you don't have.

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City slipping up

I'M just back from a visit to Birmingham. There is a lot of regeneration going on there, but there was no sign of any litter and the pavements were all first class.

Arriving back in Glasgow, I walked up Union Street/Renfield Street. What a disgrace! The pavements are all old, with mixed surfaces, broken down or nonexistent, and there were puddles and litter everywhere.

MC Cumbernauld

Airgun crime

I read the article "MacAskill hails airgun law reforms" (June 16) with amusement.

Aside from Mr Mac-Askill's self praise, he continues to use emotive arguments to push this his agenda to license airguns.

While I can understand that, on the surface, an airgun licensing scheme may seem like a good idea to those that are swayed by Mr Mac-Askill's emotive arguments, airgun crime is almost nonexistent in Scotland and there is no evidence to support his claim that licensing is required, or indeed will prevent criminal use.

Dave Ewing Founder No to Airgun Licensing In Scotland Campaign

Park drinkers

It has been great to get out and about in Glasgow in this lovely weather.

I have been making use of Bellahouston Park, but it doesn't take long before you turn a corner and there you find the police moving on illegal drinkers.

Only in Glasgow.

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