I was horrified to read Glasgow people spend £200million a year on fixed-odds betting stations (Yesterday's Times).

Where do people get the money?

It is no wonder this country is in debt. Maybe some people can afford the odd flutter, but this is horrifying. It can have no positive impact on society whatsover.

Betting shops are taking over our High Streets, making them so accessible for people. It is no wonder pay day loan companies are doing well.

Name and address supplied

Snail mail

I was interested to read J.McMillan's letter (Thursday) about broadband speeds in Glasgow.

I live in Eastfield, in the East End. This is a new estate not far from the Commonwealth Games Athletes Village. Our broadband speed is so slow you would be better sending a letter second class. I wonder if the athletes will have the same problem?

AB, via email

Parking abuse

I have a disabled parking bay allocated to me outside my house, yet almost every time I go out I find that when I return a non blue badge vehicle has occupied it. This has caused me untold misery because my partner then has to get my wheelchair to bring me back from wherever I can find a space.

Glasgow City Council has not bothered to implement the law that was passed by the Scottish Parliament to prevent the public parking in disabled bays.

J McKee, posted online

Games benefits

I see all the finishing touches are being added to make the city pristine for the Games. Grass is sprouting on the Broomielaw. Long may all this preening continue after the Games.

L McGarrity