RE your story 'Glasgow gamblers bet £200m a year on machines'.

If City Treasurer Paul Rooney is really serious about tackling this issue he should be pushing for legislation to decrease the maximum spin to £1, which would make a big difference to the amount that can be lost.

These machines are the crack cocaine of gambling.

This money being lost is coming off the kitchen tables.

Families rely on this for everyday living expenses and losing this money causes marriage breakdowns, domestic violence, increases in crime, more suicides, bankruptcy and homelessness.

It's the good old taxpayer who has to pick up the pieces and the mess left behind by the problem gambler.

Jimmy Canavan, Posted online

Stay out of it

AFTER the fuss over JK Rowling's £1m donation to the No Campaign, now we have the likes of President Obama trying to interfere with the campaign for independence.

This current UK Government is doing little for Scotland, so can these people not just accept that the people in Scotland have their own voice and want independence to put a stop to other people outside this great country trying to rule us.

P Munro, Glasgow

GSA support

I WAS delighted to see some big names coming in to support the rebuild of Glasgow School of Art.

Hopefully many more people will follow suit in the coming weeks and months and help restore the Mackintosh building for generations to come.

RG, Glasgow


WHAT a lovely story about the woman who saved with the credit union, and used the money for IVF to have a baby.

That really is putting money to good use.

C Rogers, Ayshire