I was surprised, but delighted to see a young boy voluntarily picking up litter from a well known US fast food chain in Partick.

Takeaway customers at this place are forever dropping burger wrappers from their cars.

I wish all children were as pro-active or conscious of the ugly appearance of litter in Glasgow. With the Commonwealth Games coming to the city, we all have a part to play in showing Glasgow in the best possible light.

Jill Ferguson Glasgow

Easy riders

After watching a programme on road rage, in particular the battle between motorists and cyclists, I realised that Glasgow cyclists should not have this problem, as it would appear that the culture is for them to stay well clear of the roads and populate the pavements instead.

MA Glasgow

Bike teams

While I'm all for dog owners picking up their own dog's mess, rather than employ cycle patrols (Evening Times, June 23) would Glasgow City Council not be better supplying more litter and poo bins?

When these wardens are out on their bikes, perhaps they could follow the council grass cutters, as they are the biggest culprits for messing up our pavements

Name and address supplied

Twitter insight

Some people don't have the self-discipline to use things like twitter, so we get an insight into the workings of their minds.

I don't believe solicitor Mike Dailly should resign just because of what he said on the internet (June 24) - besides, it's fun to watch.

Angus McIonnach Posted online

Murray worry

WHILE I'm delighted that Andy Murray is so far defending his Wimbledon title well, one thing worries me. What will happen later this year if Scotland votes for independence - who will get custody of Murray? Scotland or England?

L McGarrity Via e-mail