REGARDING Braehead town centre status (Evening Times, June 25), could this possibly be another instance of anti West Coast bias exhibited by Edinburgh windbags?

I am sure that if this had been an application from somewhere near the capital they would have fallen over themselves in compliance.

The rail link to Glasgow Airport is a prime example of this mind set - compare this with the two vanity projects in the east, trams and a replacement of a bridge which they now tell us is not falling down and has at least 50 years of life left in it.

John Macintyre, Posted online

Name changer

REGARDING R Keery's comments on Gaelic signs (Letters, June 24) - if you want to remove signs associated with Gaelic here are a few suggestions.

Replace Ibrox with Badger's Ford and for Garscadden put Herring Field. Other signs originating from Gaelic to be replaced should include Yoker, Polmadie, Bellahouston, Stranraer.

There was a time when Gaelic was spoken throughout Scotland including the Central Belt.

David Sutherland Via email

Missing out

CAN anyone explain why the bike hire scheme has eight hire stations in the West End, an area well served by the Subway, and only four south of the river, with none in Shawlands? And why a hire station is needed at Hillhead Subway, when there is one nearby in University Avenue?

Come on Glasgow, show more love for the South Side.

B Atkinson Via email

Lane fight won

REGARDING taxis in bus lanes, my son moved into a bus lane to allow a fire engine to pass and, despite the photo clearly showing the fire engine, was issued with a ticket.

On checking the times the bus lane was in use, he was entitled to be in that lane.

He appealed and won, but how many people would just pay up?

John Kelly, Posted online