I AM pleased that SPT has raised concerns regarding the reconstruction of Queen Street station (Wednesday), particularly the lack connections with other modes of transport.

While Network Rail, as the station owner, do not have specific responsibility for interchange connections, if plans are put in place without regard to these from the outset, it will be very difficult - not to say expensive - to create them at a later date.

Calum McCallum Transform Scotland

Streets Ahead

What a delight to find the 24 page special Streets Ahead supplement in Wednesday's Evening Times.

So many happy, smiling faces, all involved in numerous community and environmental improvement projects. Young and old, everyone joyous and enthusiastic. All helping to continue to keep Glasgow the Dear Green Place, we all know and love.

Long may this fantastic Evening Times campaign continue.

Alan McGillveray Anderston

Posted missing

Well Done B Atkinson (Letters, Wednesday), there are a vast number of "things" Shawlands does not have.

Just off the top of my head, here are a few:

l No library

l No Citizens Advice Bureau

l No public toilets

l No Government offices

I am sure the list could be added to, I have only been here for 35 years.

Shaweyes Via e-mail

Reality of life

So, the Commission for Poverty in Renfrewshire want to know what its like living in poverty.

Here's a suggestion, give up your fancy jobs, your car, your mortgaged house, your children's fee paying or good schools, foreign holidays, or any holidays, and start living in a mouldy flat with no hope and, exist surrounded by violence and drug taking and drunks.

No one wants to live in poverty, but some have to, and that's a fact.

R Keery Glasgow