Your piece about a clampdown on litter bugs in West Dunbartonshire left me feeling saddened and annoyed.

While the scheme maybe commendable, I cannot believe that in this day and age we still have to pursue litter louts. And we can't blame it on all kids and young people, as I have seen adults who are probably worse. They should be setting an example.

We are just weeks away from welcoming the Games, surely littering should have been stamped out a long ago.

Name and address supplied

Escalator plea

re. the worries over Queen Street. The first thing that needs to be done is to instal escalators to the low level platforms, to accommodate the many diverted services and additional Edinburgh services that will run during the rebuild of the station.

Hazel Kaye Posted online

Fright nights

I had to laugh at your story that a zombie game will be coming to the city in August.

Walk down Renfield or Hope Street most weekends and you'll see plenty of zombies.

It will take more than a few people dressed up in zombie gear, to scare the locals of this city.

L McGarrity

On your bikes

Regarding the new free bike scheme in the city, this is wonderful news, and something that should be applauded. I welcome increased cyclists on the roads, and look forward to the potential reduction in congestion in the city.

Colin Chievely Glasgow

Blood tests

re. city kids diabetes timebomb. It would be fairly easy to start a screening programme to identify children with this problem.

A simple pin prick test will show abnormal blood sugar levels. This could be done routinely in schools. It would also identify kids in danger of developing type 2 diabetes.

Sam McKeown Posted online