On holiday in Millport last week I tried in vain to buy tickets for a Thursday evening Waverley cruise.

There were no posters advertising the trip but when I found the local agent they couldn't sell tickets as the trip was a Paddle Steamer Preservation Society public charter, but said they could have sold dozens.

I couldn't buy tickets online as I had no access to a printer. The library, which has one, is shut on Thursdays.

We eventually turned up at the pier and paid cash for our tickets but a dozen others on our caravan site gave up.

The boat was half empty, little wonder as they made buying tickets as awkward as possible.

Do they want people to use the paddle steamer?

Peter Liddell Paisley

Ashamed of city

MY SON and his friend visited from England last week and to say I was ashamed of the state of Glasgow's streets would be an understatement.

The streets hadn't been swept, the bins were overflowing with rubbish, which had spilled on to the ground, and there was even a mattress dumped in some bushes.

What exactly do the Cleansing Dept do, because from what I see it's very little? A street sweeper is a rarity as are men to empty the bins who, if they drop rubbish, walk away and leave it.

This is a disgrace we ordinary people pay our council tax and we are entitled to have our streets swept and our litter bins emptied.

Bring back the old system of cleansing and make cleansing employees work for their wages.

Caroline McCord Glasgow

Airport plastic

Please can Glasgow Airport invest in some recycling bins for all the plastic water bottles which are dumped at the security gates.

Every time I fly, people are frantically finishing their water bottles and there only one bin to place them in, which has other rubbish in it

Surely Glasgow can get recycling sorted ahead of the start of the Commonwealth Games.

Mhairi Hynes Glasgow