Only a few weeks before thousands of folk descend on Glasgow and still many of the approach roads to the city centre such as Springburn Expressway are still covered with unsightly weeds and litter everywhere.

Surely the council should use all its resources, including drafting in staff from other sections, to clear the place up and restore some pride.

There does not appear to be any programme for de-weeding in the city as gutters and pavements are just left year after year.



Hostel plan fury

As a local resident, I am disgusted to just find out the plans for a homeless hostel in Burnbank House have been steamrollered ahead despite opposition from residents, local councillors, MSPs and an MP.

Who voted in the social work department? Why do they have the power?

They didn't do their jobs for years and are doing this as a cheap, easy option and to hell with the consequences for the elderly resident, many of them disabled.

M Reid


Pavement anger

I had to laugh when a council spokesperson said that a constant assessment was made of pavements in the city in need of repair etc.

I think they need to revisit their assessment procedure. The state of the pavements in this city are a disgrace.

When you go abroad you see clearly proper maintenance procedures which keep everything looking really good. Style Mile? Aye, right.



Litter advert

I was pleased by the latest littering advert, named our Dirty Little Secret, but less so that its just a short term campaign.

The Scottish Government's latest TV advert packs a good punch with its message, let's hope it bucks the trend.

As it is 96% of Scots agree littering is unacceptable, yet we spend £53million of public money annually clearing litter up.

So the message is clear - save yourself an £80 littering fine, and bin it.

Jill Ferguson