IN the Evening Times, (July 3) there is an article headed Risk of Ebola at Games judged "extremely low".

Having read this article it states that the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Health Protection Scotland and Commonwealth Games organisers have released statements saying that "based on advice from the World Health Organisation, they ESTIMATE that the risk to the delegates from Sierra Leone is extremely low".

What assurance are NHSGGC, Health Protection Scotland and Games organisers giving to the people of Glasgow?

Surely it would be sense for screening to be done on the delegates and if found to be at risk of Ebola, they should not be permitted entry.

It is concerning that this disease could enter Scotland.

Concerned Glaswegian

Bury 'treasure'

ANOTHER "national treasure" jailed.

It is about time this expression wasn't used as most of them are in court or jail. A national treasure is a painting or work of art, not some jumped up pampered millionaire who thinks he is above the law.

JH via email

Great Deal

THE City Deal looks like great news - the rail link between Glasgow Airport, Paisley Gilmour Street, and Glasgow Central, should never have been shelved by the Scottish Government in the first place.

When you consider that the whole of the Clyde valley will benefit, everyone should be right behind Glasgow getting City Deal Status.

Hugh Thompson, Paisley