I'm sure the parents of all those children living in abject poverty in parts of Scotland Mike Myers has never heard of will be massively reassured that this Canadian film star thinks Scotland should turn its back on independence.

Wonder what his views are on Britain's illegal war in Iraq, the obscenity of nuclear weapons on the Clyde, austerity measures introduced by George Osborne or the possible removal of the Barnett Formula?

Still, he does a mean Scottish accent - that must mean something when you're trying to get to grips with the main issues of the Independence debate.

Jimmy Higgins posted online

Bus fine costs

Re bus lane fine dad: Could I suggest a civil action be raised by ths poor man to recover all of his costs?

Is there no MP with real morals who will stop this extortion by councils in Scotland?

Paul Holmes Glasgow

Roads puzzle

Re Games travel guide: I don't mind specific lanes, but closing cycle lanes and the way these lanes are built next to roads adds confusion.

See the Squinty Bridge and the road design around the Hydro?

Monkeys could do better road planning. And careful with the wording, are they building lanes, or changing lanes, again, all this for two weeks!

Improve public transport, and let them use bus lanes.

Simon Dick posted on Facebook

Play plea

GLASGOW City Council have made all these decisions to close off a lot of the parks for the Commonwealth Games including Kelvingrove, Victoria, Tollcross and most of Glasgow Green.

They have made no provision for out of school summer groups who use these parks. So are these kids not supposed to play this summer?

These are the people they should be handing out free tickets to, so with their limited budgets they can get kids involved in the Games.

John Bones posted on Facebook