REGARDING We Beat the Bus Lanes - full marks to the Evening Times for helping out but no explanation from Glasgow City Council.

The council got details of the car from the DVLA so either they had not been told of the change of ownership or had not updated their files on the car.

I can't think of any other reason. This episode lets motorists see that it is really important to inform the DVLA of any change, preferably by registered/recorded mail.

Johnny Mack posted online

Helping hand

I WAS pleased to read your story about the new Welfare Hub for Govanhill (Evening Times, July 7).

At a time when the Westminster Government is bringing in changes such as the 'bedroom tax' and universal credit the idea of having somewhere like this where people can go for support is great.

Especially when you increasingly need a computer to apply and a lot of people, especially those on benefits, don't have access to a computer or the internet.Well done Govanhill Housing Association.

Stacey McNeill, Crosshill

Not a good deal

CAMERON'S £500million City Deal is over 20 years and can be reviewed (stopped) after five.

Austerity has cut more from Glasgow already so you are getting less than nothing. We'll take the democracy with our Yes vote and decide how to spend our OWN money, thanks, Dave.

Douglas Young Posted online

Better safe...

THERE seems to be a lot of people complaining about the supposed queues for the extra airport security.

Does it matter if you are held up for a little longer. With the anniversary of the London bombing just passed, I imagine there are families who would be horrified by complaining travellers.

We are better being safe and secure.

C Gentles Govan