I READ with interest and total disbelief that Glasgow rated a high score from the Keep Scotland Beautiful charity.

I for one have yet to see any improvement in the cleanliness of Glasgow.

The streets are filthy, and many pavements and roads have weeds growing out of them.

Street sweepers are a rarity, litter bins are very rarely emptied and rubbish is everywhere.

It seems to me that the so-called 'experts' were inspecting areas that were 'specially selected' for them.

The councillors ought to show the inspectors the 'real Glasgow streets' but they won't because this city would be lucky to score even a quarter of their rating because of the disgraceful state of our streets-

Caroline McCord Culloden Street, Glasgow

Wind worries

WELL done, Iain Lundy, for your outspoken column on wind farms. The Scottish Government should be charged with vandalism, they are ruining Scotland with these appalling monstrosities

Les Trueman Glasgow

Well, welly!

BILLY CONNOLLY sang a song about them, and everyone of a certain age will remember wearing them to school on wet or snowy days.

But for years most young people wouldn't have been seen dead wearing wellies.

Looking at your pictures of all the young trendies turning up at T in the Park, I have been amazed to see how that has all changed.

Mind you, with vibrant colours and jazzy patterns today's wellies are a million miles away from the toe-capped workwear I rember.

Old Codger Coatbridge