WHILE the crowds may have been disappointing, the weekend's Diamond League event at Hampden was a hit with all those fortunate enough to attend.

Apart from seeing some truly world-class athletics at a beautifully organised event, it also showed just what an incredible transformation Hampden has undergone.

Even with so many empty seats, the place resonated with noise, something critics have complained about in the past.

Raising the track level brings the action so much closer to the audience and generated a fabulous atmosphere.

One thing is for certain ... Hampden itself will be a winner at the Commonwealth Games.

M McNab East Kilbride

I want out

Why, in view of the salacious reports implicating Westminster MPs in a catalogue of child abuse, would anyone in Scotland vote against independence?

This on top of the cash for honours scandal and the expenses corruption should be enough to convince us that the so-called Mother of Parliaments is now a somewhat disreputable body with which we want no further dealings.

I MacLachlan Via e-mail

Home show

Having just returned to Glasgow from Perth, Western Australia, to visit relatives and for the Commonwealth Games Thursday's Evening Times was a treat.

I enjoyed the picture of the Boat House Café at Rouken Glen Park, having spent many childhood days in the 1960s in rowing and pedal boats on the pond.

Iain Lundy's article about wind farms on the Eaglesham Moor brought back pleasant memories of driving over the moor to discos at Kiwi Lodge, near Galston. .

Your Memories Page picture, Ricky Tomlinson at the The Scottish Gas Training Centre, was the icing on the cake. The centre, in Walls Street, in the Merchant City, is where I did my apprenticeship.Thanks for the memories.

Graham Stewart Via e-mail