REGARDING the asinine observations made by LJT in Friday Evening Times, in reference to the spikes, I'd like to point out that no Tom, Dick, Harry or LJT is allowed to waltz into town and erect semi-permanent structures without prior planning permission from the local authority.

The perpetrators of this criminal act: Obstruction of the Queens highway: Vandalism (drilling holes in the foot path), and causing endangerment to the public using the walk way, should be brought to task.

Where was Glasgow's finest when this crime was being committed?

Jimmy McDdade, Paisley

Rod at Games

WHAT is it with Rod Stewart being invited to open the Commonwealth Games?

Couldn't we get someone Scottish instead of someone who thinks he's Scottish? How much are we paying him?

JH Via email

Leo's a winner

CONGRATULATIONS to Lenny Warren for his photographs of children "in training" (Evening Times, July 10) for Super Saturday on October 4.

First prize must go to Leo Kennedy, 1. His smile made my day.

K Irvine Via email

Buzz is gone

I AM old enough to remember when Byres Road was a great shopping area with loads of individual small shops, family-owned cafés, a few small pubs with a regular clientele plus some students.

It had a real "buzz" about the place. Now it's all charity shops, "trendy" pubs and American owned coffee shop chains.

A total facelift is long overdue and they also need to do something about the traffic.

I've observed fire engines with all sirens going having difficulty getting down the road.

Both sides of the street are constantly choc-a-bloc - there is nowhere for cars to pull in to let the emergency vehicles past.

Doreen Edgar Posted online