In the recent summer weather I took my grandkids to Barshaw Park in Paisley, where the play park was great.

The next day we went to Rouken Glen in East Renfrewshire, where the new play park was outstanding and money well spent.

It was followed up by a visit to Almond Valley in Livingston, where we paid a fee but it was an excellent park.

Finally we went to Hogganfield Loch play park - the roundabout does not move, the zipslide is unreachable unless you are 5ft 6in, and there is a large framework with nothing on it. Swans and ducks are better catered for than children here.

John Giudici

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Revamp fund

Will all the Scots 'stars', asking us to contribute to the renovation of the Glasgow School of Art, be putting their hands in their own pockets to help?

They shouldn't need any money from us. They are all loaded, and I think they should collect enough between themselves to pay for it.

So they should put their money where their mouths are and stop making us feel guilty.


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Cig end fines

I READ Monday's story on fines for dropping cigarette ends with interest.

While I don't condone littering, what I do detest is the thought of litter wardens spying on citizens as they go about their day-to-day business.

Looks like you get a heftier penalty for dropping a butt than thieving from a shop.

Johnny Mack

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New homes

BUILDING new homes next to Silverburn is great news (Tuesday).

But I hope that the plans will include 'affordable' properties there too.

James Martin

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Clyde built

I WAS interested to see lots of Clyde mascot statues popping up around the city centre.

So far I've spotted them in Sauchiehall Street and Buchanan Street.

I hope they last the duration of the Games and don't fall victim to vandalism.

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