So us pensioners and future pensioners are going to cost this country so much that the doors will have to be opened to millions of EU work-seekers.

Are they kidding? Why can't the powers that be watch Benefits Britain and see what they are opening the doors to?

People who look upon us as cash cows and, laughing, freely admit that we are the biggest mugs in the European community.

We pensioners have lived through the War and subsequent rationing, worked since we were 15 and paid into the coffers for the rest of our working lives.

We are being treated like we should apologise for living too long. It's an absolute disgrace and time we stood up for ourselves.

Rosemary Keery


Road cameras

I see there will be more bus lane cameras being imposed on Fastlink routes.

How much more money will the council end up making out of these latest cameras. Why can't it operate a peak hours time on the bus lane as I don't see any point in having the cameras operational 24 hours a day.

Surely drivers would have much more respect for the whole scheme, if there was some respect for the motorists.

C Gentles


Skatepark plan

What a great idea to turn the area under the way motorway into a skatepark (Wednesday).

If the images are anything to go by, then it looks great and should be a great boost for the many skateboarders who often have nowhere to practise.

C Rogers

Via e-mail

Games outfits

I hear Aberdeenshire children have helped design a new tartan for their area.

Perhaps we should have done the same in Glasgow when choosing outfits for the Games. Obviously children know best.

M Strang