WITH regards to Councillor Stephen Curran's nursery provision comments on Wednesday.

I am a working parent and my daughter attends a partnership nursery in Maryhill.

She began receiving funding in April and I was informed in June that all funded places were being withdrawn as of August.

I cannot see how Councillor Curran can assert that "we want the best for each child in Glasgow and our process ensures we are delivering this".

The advice I received from them was that I should move my daughter from a high quality partnership nursery where she is settled and has formed strong bonds with the staff and other children in order to chase the funding that she is entitled to.

Early years and childcare funding should follow the child not the other way round.

Jennifer Gorevan

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Appeal shock

I was totally shocked and disgusted to read in the Evening Times on Wednesday that Michael Adebowale has been given permission to appeal against his sentence.

Having brutally and intentionally murdered Lee Rigby, an unsuspecting innocent target, it is shocking that taxpayers' money is being spent to allow an appeal to proceed.

Money spent in even keeping him in prison is too much.

Moira McLennan

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Games tickets

I phoned for tickets for the opening ceremony and the only tickets they had left were priced £180 up to £300.

How can ordinary working people in Glasgow afford those prices?

I'm sorry, but they can keep their tickets.

Elaine Campbell

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Skatepark plan

IN connection with proposed skatepark reported in Wednesday's Evening Times.

It needs to be accessible with above standard cycle and pedestrian connections. When the M74 connection was built, why were no parallel cycle routes made?

Katy O'Rourke

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