I note the council giving out fines to litter louts in Glasgow.

To save people's health, demands on the NHS service and the taxpayer, why doesn't the council offer a reduced fine to smokers by asking if they would like to be referred to a smoking cessation course or support to stop smoking.

Imagine the money and the lives that could be saved.

Mr Clean

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Parking chaos

REGARDING residents being angry over parking chaos (Friday).

What was supposed to be the Games to remember is fast becoming a sham.

Thanks to the superior organisational skills of the council. No wonder there are so many tickets left unsold, people don't know how to get there without getting fined.

Michael Man

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Homeless spikes

I was pleased to see that homeless spikes will not be returning to a city building where they suddenly appeared.

One thing Glasgow is all about is helping other people. We know there is a homeless situation in our city. But the Glasgow I belong to would never have done such as thing.

We need to help people who are struggling. You never know the reasons behind it and who knows it could happen to any of us at any time.

A little more understanding is required here.

Name and address supplied

Cat charity woe

Your story about the cat charity being at full capacity (Friday) really concerned me.

The number of unwanted cats was shocking. People shouldn't take on pets if they can't care for them.

C Rogers