REGARDING the issue of overgrown park grounds, as a councillor David McDonald will be aware his council has been/still is responsible for the wholesale neglect of parks throughout the city.

I hold the view that finances meant for parks have been re-channelled into the two-bob games.

Glasgow's parks are now a disgrace and for a council to allow this to happen beggars belief.

Johnny Mack Posted online

Cilla's lucky

SO Cilla Black does not like growing old.

We all grow old eventually and losing her hearing is a small price to pay considering that many people can't walk or see, are being abused constantly, or are hungry homeless.

She should count her blessings and live each day of her life being grateful for the things she does have.

I know I do and I am 78.

Millie Strang Glasgow

Is due to oil?

WHY is David Cameron so desperate to keep us together?

Have we got more oil than we know about?

Around 800,000 people go to foodbanks under Tory rule.

If that is not a reason for the yes vote, I don't know what is.

Going independent, we cannot be any worse off than we are now surely.

So the people of Scotland, get a bit of Braveheart and get rid of these Tories.

Mr Comrie Dalmarnock

Grand week

YOUR picture of Buchanan Street in the Memories page had Glasgow looking grand indeed (July 12).

With the fancy dress and hats, it could have passed for a square in Imperialist Russia.

It showed the city off at its best and let's hope this week Glasgow is shown off as its best when we have visitors from all over the world coming here.

No doubt the Glasgow people will give them all a warm welcome and may they never want to leave.

G Candy Via email