It's a sad fact of life that our streets are far more dangerous now than 20 years ago.

While it may shock people to see armed police on our streets, I find myself feeling that it's not before time our police were armed, for their own safety and ours.

There are some very dangerous people out there. Pepper spray or a baton or a stun gun is not going to impress these people.

Having visited many countries on my travels, the majority of whose police are armed, it never occurred to me that this was scary, on the contrary, I felt protected and safe.

Rosemary Keery Glasgow

Fun and Games

I live in Westmuir Street, Parkhead, close to Athletes' Village, Velodrome and Celtic Park, the opening venue for the Games, yet nothing has been done here to make us feel a part of this great event.

We have no banners on show and there has been no tidying up of shops or the general area.

I have tickets for some events, and the opening ceremony, as I think it a great thing to be a part of, but if I had not made the effort it would have felt as though it was happening a million miles away.

Even the Baton Relay was advertised as coming along Parkhead then Shettleston but, on checking the map online, it goes through Camlachie onto London Road.

Disappointed Resident Via email

It bugs me

Re litter bugs - £80 fine is not enough. Make it £500. A car pulled alongside me and fast food rubbish thrown out the window. When the car stopped at the traffic lights I asked the five occupants why they didn't put the rubbish in a bin. No respect.

Allan Campbell Glasgow

Fastlink cash

The Fastlink service could well be a big waste of money, as it will almost certainly be underused.

The money wasted would have been better spent on some of the very busy bus routes, such as those running on Paisley Road West.

Sam McKeown Paisley