HAVING been born in this country and lived here all my life, I am tired of hearing from the media about the elderly living longer.

I, like many others of my generation, left school at 14 years old and I worked until I was 67.

We all paid income tax and insurance stamp all our working life.

Anything we received from the government is only some of the coffers my generation have put into the country.

Look further afield to the cheats and others who have paid nil into the system.

We lived and worked during a war, with ration books and foodbanks.

Anne Smith Glasgow

Fastlink error

REGARDING taxi charges for Fastlink, Fastlink is going to be as big a waste of money as the Edinburgh trams (Evening Times, July 21).

About 80% of its route does not serve residential properties and the good folk of Govan don't know much, if anything, about it.

Would it not have been easier to ask the folk how to improve their service rather than assume.

At present, the service into the Southern General Hospital grinds to a halt in the early evening, before the tender service kicks in after a gap of two hours.

Instead of providing a Fastlink to the Broomielaw, why not give us a more needed service to Cessnock/Paisley Road Toll?

Tommy Campbell, Posted online

Complex polls

MR COMRIE (Letters, July 21) should note that only around 50% of the Scottish electorate turn out to vote in General Elections when he complains of a Government that Scotland didn't vote for.

This is more complex than Hollywood films.

Neil Macdonald Via email

Tower example

DELIGHTED to see the Glasgow Tower has reopened.

It should be a great asset for the city and I can't wait to try it out. Just a shame their isn't a restaurant at the top.

Such tourist attractions will help Glasgow continue to flourish.

C Gentles Govan