AFTER years of waiting, the Games are finally here and Glasgow, with its new infrastructure etc, is looking great.

The only slight thing that is likely to dampen any goodwill of the Glasgow people is the perceived problems we are going to have with travel, parking and the general disruption to our normal routines in getting to and from work.

Couldn't Glasgow City Council and the other councils with affected populations acknowledge that issue by slightly reducing council tax bills for the period of the Games.

Just a small point and regardless, I'm sure, the Glasgow people will make the Games the best ever, whatever disruption comes their way.

Michael McAvoy, Cambuslang

Clyde shame

REGARDING the Clyde statue being vandalised -

typical Glasgow.

Cities and towns do similar things around the world, I've seen it in Paris and Berlin, and everyone embraced this type of thing but no, the mindless of this city have to ruin it.

I feel sorry for the children of the school that designed this.

Graham Earl Posted online

Waste of cash

THE Commonwealth Games is a complete waste of money that could have been better spent building a hospital.

They could have done good with it by giving the homeless somewhere to live or helping people less fortunate.

All this money just to watch folk cycle and run around in a circle.

Steven P Queen Posted online

Party time

I DON'T remember a time when Glasgow looked better.

Bring on the Games and let's hope everyone puts all their issues aside for the next few days and gets behind them.

Glasgow knows how to throw a party and welcome people so the athletes and visitors could not be in better hands. Let's hope we can keep the city's profile up well after the Games.

L McGarrity South Side