I KNOW that David Stirling likes to "stir it up" but he begins his article with "are you fed up hearing Scotland is too wee, too poor and too stupid to be an independent country"?

I would like to ask Mr Stirling where he hears this. I am English but live in Scotland and have done for many years, I have never heard anyone say that Scotland is "stupid" - if indeed a country can be termed "stupid".

The arguments of the No campaign have been reasonable, and I have never read, or heard the word "stupid" applied either to the country or the people.

He then refers to the media in England warning English athletes attending the Commonwealth Games that they may meet bigotry, which he dismisses as "a load of tosh". Then goes on to prove their point.

Mr Stirling your bigotry is showing. And remove that chip from your shoulder.

Doreen Jobson Via email

Scrap system

SEEMS the way to get a gong these days is to quit your job or better still get the sack. What is going on at No 10 - knighthoods should be earned. The prime minister has reduced the system to a farce - time it was scrapped.

J McArthur, Glasgow

Street shame

WITH the Games started you would expect to see a cleaner city centre as the council tried to impress our visitors.

But no, not a bit of it. Sauchiehall Street looks as dirty and rubbish- strewn as it has ever been.

Would it have been too difficult for the council to have arranged 24/7 city centre cleaning?

Name and address supplied

Fond memories

I LOVE the old pictures on your Memories page.

I remember fondly the excitement of Glasgow Fair Friday when we got our wicker hamper packed and set off for the Central Station.

I could go on with the reminiscing of days past - thanks, Evening Times.

John McEwan Paisley