COMING into Glasgow from Cumbernauld for the Commonwealth Games I had been expecting traffic chaos.

After all, I had read all the warnings about delays and possible hold ups and looked at the reminders on every overhead gantry to use the park and ride facilities. I had even considered booking a place.

But I have been amazed to find my way into the city has been trouble-free.

It would appear people have been taking notice of the warnings and have opted for public transport, have used the park and ride or just stayed clear of the city if they are not going to the Games.

However, it could well be that travelling from the north keeps you free from the delays, disruptions and Games lanes in the east and south.

George Green


Not the ticket

I AM all for keeping the traffic moving while the Games are on, but for three days now I have stood at my bus stop in the East End while buses whizz by for Games ticket holders only - and they are empty, apart from the driver. Meanwhile, I am left to wait.

If people are being encouraged to share cars, why are the authorities running empty buses to Games events at times when they are not needed?



Shine on

I KNOW the weather has helped, but it has been great to see all the people dining outside in Glasgow city centre. It has brought a real continental atmosphere to the city. Let's keep it up - hail, rain or shine.

Charles Wilson


Good move

I have to applaud the Scottish Government and health authorities for taking the initiative and leading a second hand smoke campaign.

It is shocking to see how much it can affect young children. I can remember years ago people saying how bad it was. I hope people will listen to the warnings.

Children deserve to breathe in healthy air.

The campaign is common sense.

C Perkins

Kinning Park