Like many others on Saturday, I walked across the Squiggly Bridge to use the walkway on the south side of the river.

On reaching Springfield Quay, a high fence prevented us from proceeding any further. I followed the crowd until we managed to get back on to the walkway only to find another barrier at the top of the stairs to the Squinty Bridge.

Fortunately, I was able to climb over this barrier but there were elderly people who could not and had to turn around and walk back. It seems the walkway is the private property of the residents of Festival Park.

They obviously don't share the view that Glasgow is the friendly city.

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Park lark

I HAD to smile as I watched the Games on TV and the great and the good of BBC Sport got into full stride.

As the marathon runners headed into one of the city's great parks, up popped the caption - 'Bella Houston'.

If only the clearly non-Scottish prodution bod had checked with the Glasgow tea-lady, Mary Hill...

Bruce Robertson

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Hospital staff

Should there not be even more staff on at the weekends to cope with the demands on hospitals at this time?

Hospitals cannot and should not have the same conditions as other institutions that close at the weekends.

They are dealing with people, not commodities, they must be available, fully staffed, at all times.

Rosemary Keery

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Grave repairs

I would like to congratulate the four workers in Riddrie Park that are fixing vandalised grave stones.

It's just a shame that the trees that have fallen on other stones have not yet been removed.

Thomas Smith

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Water hydrants

Youngsters have been setting off ­ hydrants (Friday) in summer for years.

Surely someone can design a valve only the fire service can activate.