I was out of the country when the Games' Opening Ceremony was on, and after hearing so many differing views and opinions about it, I decided to view and make up my own mind.

I spent more than an hour searching the internet and was unable to view any more than short clips of the Queen's speech, and foreign news reports with no more than a few seconds of coverage.

Surely we could have been given an opportunity to see even short highlights of the event.

I just don't understand it. No doubt they have sold the rights or something, but when you can usually view anything you want on the internet it seems ridiculous that I can't see some of the ceremony performed in my own city.

All I want, is to see some dancing Tunnock's Teacakes after all"

Joe Brodie

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Cyclists' anger

WITH regard to cyclists protesting for more cash for bike routes (Saturday).

It is about time these people paid taxes for the roads as cars do, then they can ask for cycle lanes and road closures.

Motorist who pay car taxes can't even get repairs done to roads.

James Findlay


Loo price hike

I couldn't believe it when I saw your story on the 40p loo at Central Station (last night).

I think some people will be caught short in more ways than one.

I wouldn't like to see the station if that was to happen.

C Gentles


Marina plan

I WAS pleased to read that a move for a city marina is being revived (last night).

I think this would be a great idea and would attract even more visitors down to the banks of the Clyde.



Nursery axe

I HOPE parents in Bishopbriggs win their fight to save their kids' nursery (last night).

It's not fair to make youngsters move at such short notice.

S Lewis

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