IT'S great news for our athletes and supporters that Team Scotland is scooping up record numbers of medals.

After years of training and dedicating their lives to the sport, the team should be applauded.

They have given us all a feel-good factor as well.

We were all swept up in the fever of London 2012, despite being miles away and watching it on TV.

This is right in our city and the athletes must be a real inspiration.

For young people just now, it must show them what can be done and make them see that anything is possible.

Go Glasgow and go Team Scotland.

S Jacobs Via email

Moan too far

I SERIOUSLY could not believe that residents living near the Athletes Village are annoyed because the shuttle bus doesn't go to Tesco (Evening Times, Tuesday).

Try Asda - or walking.

I'm sure they will survive the few days without Tesco. Reality check and less moaning is needed I think.

Aileen Johnstone Royston

Policing footie

REGARDING cops drafted in for the Celtic game, if I go on holiday to Poland I don't expect Scottish police to come to keep me safe (Evening Times, Tuesday).

It seems like a waste of taxpayers' money. Don't they have police in Poland?

Ronnie Simpson Posted online

Kittens shame

WHAT a heartbreaking story about the cats found in a Glasgow garden (Evening Times, yesterday).

Who would do such a thing to the adorable kittens?

I am sure that it won't take long to rehome them.

However, it really makes me angry that this kind of thing happens in the first place.

I know that there are orders which can be placed on people when they are cruel to animals, but maybe it's time we made sure the message really gets through to them.

Action should be taken.

L McGarrity Renfrewshire