TO THE letter writer who complained about the Clyde Walkway being closed off between Springfield Quay and the Squinty Bridge.

He/she correctly pointed out that that part of the walkway is privately owned by the residents of Mavisbank Gardens.

The gardens and the quay wall are privately maintained by those same residents.

I am sure your reader wouldn't like a trail of people walking through his/her garden.

Shaw Milligan Glasgow

Keep Clyde

CLYDE, our mascot for our Commonwealth Games, has been a fantastic success.

People from all over the world have taken him to their hearts.

It would be great if, after the Games, we could send him across the world as an ambassador.

Elspeth Thompson Via email

A dim bunch

So, Ofgem, the energy regulator, have come out of their plush London offices to bare their teeth at the energy companies. They have told them to cap their prices for the next five years. This will save us, wait for it, £12 each a year.

This lot are not fit for purpose.

Am I annoyed or angry? No, I'm insulted that Ofgem have the audacity to try and convince us that they are working in our interest.

John Kerr Coatbridge

GSA heroes

Great to see the firefighters' charities being recognised for their efforts during the Glasgow School of Art fire (Evening Times, July 31). It truly was a day when the emergency services pulled together.

I hope the rebuild goes well.

C Gentels Govan

River of life

IT WAS great to see the Games Flotilla on the Clyde.

Without shipping, our river is dead. It's high time the Clyde Navigation Trust got their finger out and did something, anything, to get yachts and leisure craft back on the river.

Matt Cairns Via email