Just because there has not been a public outcry about armed police on our streets (July 31) does not mean we are happy to see gun cops in our towns and cities.

I presume that common sense will prevail and "the powers that be" will see that we need fewer guns on our streets, not more.

The new national force should stick to trying to get basic policing right, before subjecting the public to more danger than we already face.

SD Via e-mail

On yer bikes!

To the two, 50-ish cyclists who stopped very suddenly in the car park at Esquire House in Anniesland on July 26 - as I was approaching the steps - you almost tripped me up.

People with bikes have no thought for pedestrians.

Also, congratulations to all the people who cycle past the Lock 27 bar on the canal path and ignore the signs to 'dismount'.

Wise up, before you kill or injure someone.

Stephen Stewart Glasgow

Lost for words

What price a national anthem for an independent Scotland?

Clearly the impoverished nation predicted by Better Together could never afford to pay royalties for "Flower of Scotland" to The Corries (Music) Ltd, who must be laughing all the way to the bank after its frequent outings at the Commonwealth Games this last week.

Perhaps it's time for Alex Salmond to announce "Scots Wha Hae" as Plan B. It has the advantage of being long out of copyright.

John Eoin Douglas Via e-mail