I want to say a big congratulations and thank you to our fantastic athletes.

They have all done Scotland proud.

I would like to know however, why the coverage from BBC Scotland was from an English perspective.

I had to wait for the Scottish news, or papers on many occasions, to find out how our athletes did.

Would English viewers have liked it if it was a wholly Scottish view, not knowing how their athletes had done? I think not.

We seem to accept a second rate service where the Beeb is concerned.

Isabella Main


Unhappy cops

As a visitor from England, I am very surprised to read about the discontent felt by police officers during the Games (Cops cry foul over long Games shifts, Friday).

My family have been staying in a five-star hotel in the city centre and have witnessed several police officers every day sitting down to meals in the hotel restaurant, and having tea and other beverages served to them by hotel staff.

My wife also took our children to the Tollcross Park and was surprised to see officers strolling around in groups, water in hand and even stopping to take selfies.

I accept that during such a big event, officers have extra hours of duty but let's not kid ourselves - their duties are not taxing and if they can find time to sit down to afternoon tea, then they're not so hard done by. Many unemployed people would love their job and perks.

Mike Reynolds


Host Volunteers

There has been a lot of publicity regarding the Clydesiders for the Commonwealth Games but nothing about the 1500 Host City Volunteers.

They were out and about in Glasgow and surrounding areas helping citizens of Glasgow and visitors with directions, information, what's on etc.

Can we have a wee mention please?

Joe Beaver