Thank you to FirstBus for their excellent organisation of the Games shuttle buses.

During the Commonwealth Games, I travelled from Ibrox and Hampden late at night and at both venues I was impressed by the organisation, staffing and efficiency of the operation.

There were plenty of buses and a system of filling up the buses 10 at a time before they moved off to allow the next 700 people to take their place.

Considering the volume of people involved, crowds moved good humouredly as we were well informed. Once at Queen Street, we travelled confidently as Scotrail staff also dealt with the crowds efficiently.

We knew that the sport and Glasgow welcome would be great but being able to travel confidently really added to the fabulous Commonwealth experience. Well done to all concerned.

Elaine Kininmonth Stonehaven

Business end

Regarding your story 'Financial Services in Scotland neglected' - who to believe? A chief executive from 15 years ago who is being paid to advise the Yes campaign, or the current chief executives of every large financial institution north of the border who say the opposite?

Another example of how the Yes campaign make a point of dismissing all risk even when the people who run our financial sector says otherwise.

"We're right, they're all wrong" - sound familiar?

All businesses care about are their profits.If they thought for one second voting yes was in their interests, they'd soon let us know.

Tony Shields Glasgow

Back off, stars

THIS letter from celebrities asking us to vote No has no validity as neither Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, One Direction, or the Teletubbies has put their name to it.

The people of Scotland are not stupid - whether they vote Yes or no is their right alone.

We do not need so-called celebrities pretending they care about the Union.

Steven Rowan Glasgow