I HAVE to say the jury will be out on the star referendum letter (August 7) uintil Kim Kardashian signs it...

But to be serious, this is an insult to the people of Scotland.

Surely arguments for staying in the UK should be made and vice versa rather than rolling out "celebrities".

Tom Daley could not even bring himself to congratulate Glasgow and Scotland for running what was termed the best Commonwealth Games ever during the closing ceremony.

Will Carling, who got caught slagging off Scotland during a fake children's TV production, really?

This referendum is for the people of Scotland to decide - help them by supplying information not celebrities.

Ian Gil, Glasgow posted online

Firm friends

WELL done to all who signed this letter. It shows the depth of feeling and co-operation that exists on this island between its peoples.

A minority can't be allowed to ruin that.

William Connelly, posted online

Flag shame

THE Palestinian flag above the City Chambers was another shameful episode by Glasgow City Council (Evening Times, August 7).

I await the response from Cllr Docherty to the Mayor of Rostov on Don "which is also twinned with Glasgow" to the recent terrorist blowing up of an airliner.

Will they fly the flags of Syria, Iraq or Kurdistan in support of these people from terrorism?

The only flags that should be flown over the chambers are the Saltire and the Union Flag.

William McGavin, posted online