WITH regards one of the Clyde statues being stolen.

My grand-daughter was one of the winners in the design challenge and we had an exciting family day out visiting her statue.

What a shame the efforts by the winners, and the enjoyment visitors had getting their pictures taken with Clyde across the city, has been overshadowed by mindless acts of vandalism.

However, we just need to remember the people who commit such acts are in the minority and the majority of Glasgow residents portray a positive picture of our city.

Ann Templeton

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City bus gate

I love how it's called a "bus gate" at Nelson Mandela Place, when in reality it's a bit of paint on the road and a couple of signs further up the street, that are easily missed.

Make it a real gate like in other cities that use automatic removable bollards or other methods. The city has enough money I would guess from those that have been fined.

Graham Earl

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Pictures perfect

I LOVED the series of pictures from the Commonwealth Games in last week's Evening Times.

It illustrated perfectly how great an event it was and made me proud to be a Glaswegian.

Well done to all the photographers for their amazing pictures.

J McDonald


Pothole fury

THE council was quick to ensure the city was looking sparkling for the Games, can it perhaps take a look at the many roads that are still filled with potholes?

One of the worst must be Cobden Road at St Rollox retail park, between the giant Tesco store and Costco, just outside the city centre.

This short stretch is a complete nightmare to drive along.

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