I came to Glasgow to play in a band at the Games Thank You event, at Merchant Square.

As I had heavy equipment to unload, I parked near the venue and automatically pulled out my smart phone to pay for parking via 'Ringo', only to find that the service had been withdrawn by Glasgow Council. Why?

It works perfectly in Edinburgh and every other major city I work in. It is convenient, cash-free and provides a VAT receipt for every parking transaction.

Not having any change, I was forced to look for a newsagent and forced to buy something to get change.

Why, when smart phones can do so much to make life easier, is the council making things more difficult? They generate the income regardless of how the customer pays.

I thought Glasgow was looking forwards, not backwards?

Duncan Findlay Tillicoultry

East End woe

I think the Commonwealth Games were great for Glasgow, the people did us proud, but as a pub owner in Parkhead, we had no chance to show how great the common people could be.

All the athletes, coaches and public going to the Games were told to avoid this area. At my pub, we welcomed three Aussie swimming coaches, who had sneaked out for a pint They were warned not to go near the area, so knew they wouldn't be found.

As a business rate payer - £10,000 a year - with no chance of a reduction until 2017, and which Glasgow City Council gladly takes each year, my only chance to make money in the last few weeks went to Edinburgh, where Celtic played their European game.

I feel the East End business community was badly let down.

Alexander McMullan Via iPhone

City land grab

SINCE when was it the city council's job to do the dirty work for big business?

The 'land grab' at Buchanan Galleries is just that. Your story, (August 11) also fails to mention that the city will lose the Concert Hall steps as part of this development.

Name and address supplied