WHILE in George Square on Saturday, I was dismayed to see several adults putting their children on the cenotaph for picture taking.

Do these people not realise how disrespectful this is?

Surely there must be lots of other places they can use a camera, without doing such a thoughtless act?

J Graham via email

Tidy legacy

I REALLY do hope the legacy of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow includes pride in looking after our city and its people as much as, if not more than, before the Games.

It is about multi- agency partnerships where retailers, businesses, the council, members of public, universities and schools all play their part in keeping Glasgow tidy.

Jill Ferguson. Glasgow


I ENJOYED your piece about the restoration of the bandstand at Kelvingrove and I know it will be a massive success.

When I was a child, part of the summer holidays from school was taking our picnic to the park and sitting around the bandstand, spending a lovely afternoon being entertained.

We would feel we were in the theatre, without having to pay.

There was also an area of the park cordoned off where people would get up to dance to the recorded music of big bands, and there was always the section for jiving. All ages would be dancing, including the mums and dads.

Glasgow was always known as a "dance daft" city, with any amount of dance halls, which seem to have disappeared into clubs and bars.

It was great fun just to stand at the side and watch, listening to the music and having a soft drink or cup of tea. I wonder how many people remember all that - such simple inexpensive pleasures.

Wouldn't it be great if that could also be resurrected, now that we have the bandstand back and Glasgow is still reeling from the success of the Games.

Maureen Williamson, East Kilbride