IT'S shocking news that Glasgow city council plans to expand the Buchanan Galleries and we will lose the lovely steps at the Concert Hall.

There are empty shops just now in the Galleries. Shops are losing business to the internet. It's stupid to expand.

Leave our steps, we don't have enough places in Glasgow to sit out on, but we have more than enough shops.

T Miller Glasgow

My meal deal

Yesterdays article " kids go hungry" leads me to offer a simple solution - that the local authorities continue to supply free school meals during school holidays.

Why not? The cost would be minimal - while the shame of allowing our kids to starve is incalculable!

Janette McGinn Rutherglen

Beat the street

Re. "Police hit squad in 24-hour patrols bid."

What are the Police saying now?

Their remit, as set by Parliament is, in part to "Guard, watch, patrol and detect offenders".

That's what they do and I recall a time not so long ago when every inch of ground was on a beat allocated to an officer, who, through his diligence and tenacity, got to know everything and everyone on his beat, the good, bad and ugly and the names of their dogs.

Has the beat system been scrapped quietly, like the insidious introduction of guns on to our streets?

Johnny Mack Posted online

Care lifeline

"Funding lifeline for brain injury sufferers".

I'm so glad this service has been given a lifeline.

I know how important services like these are to people with head injuries. I have been caring for my partner after a brain injury and every day is a struggle.

In the middle of all this I had a stroke, which makes life even more difficult.

Thanks to my family for putting us both up so that I could look after my partner.

Eric Melville Posted online