Congratulations to your columnist David Stirling (August 12) for telling it like it is as regards the No campaigners and their 'Project Fear'.

His point regarding the President of USA and US congressmen, and their desire to maintain the status quo, is all about self interest.

As for the 200 celebrities in England who put their names to a letter asking us to stay in the UK, we have clearly moved on from being subsidy junkies.

D Mc Dougall Paisley

Park sell-off

re The planned Victoria Park development (August 14). The park, like many others has been sadly neglected by the council, who appear now ready to wash their hands of any responsibility for it.

It would be vandalism if any part of a public park was given over to private enterprise. It would, in my opinion, prompt developers to place speculative bids in other public parks.

The phrase, 'Selling off the family silver', springs to mind.

Johnny Mack Posted online

Political reality

It's a sad but undeniable fact that people in this city are living in poverty and going hungry. A fact that is being ignored by most politicians, because they are embarrassed by it and would like foodbanks to disappear.

Fortunately, ordinary people don't think the same way and are rallying together to help the poor so that no one in this city goes hungry. We look after our own.

John Bones Posted online

Pride in city

The joint initiative between the police and a Glasgow housing association (August 12) to help combat crime is a great idea. Surely something like this will help bring back a sense of community pride.

It was so much simpler back in my day when, if you did misbehaved in the street, if your mum didn't know about it, she soon would. Neighbours were always looking out for one another - maybe we need to go back those days.

C Gentles Posted online