Your reader, Janette McGinn, called for local authorities to supply free school meals to children during the holidays.

It may be of interest to Ms McGinn and other readers that Labour-led Renfrewshire Council introduced this last year, despite the opposition of SNP councillors and failure of their colleagues in Holyrood to provide adequate funds.

Families in Renfrewshire who are entitled to free school meals for their children in nursery to P3 are offered free meals and activity camps during school holidays.

Parents have told us how this has helped relieve some of the pressure in ensuring their children are adequately fed over the school holidays.

Councillor Jacqueline Henry Convener of Education Policy Board Renfrewshire Council

Saddle city

Delighted to see the South West Community Cycles scheme is going from strength to strength. And they are not alone.

Everywhere you go a bike, with the distinctive pink People Make Glasgow logo, scoots past.

It is fantastic to see so many people on the bikes, and being able to rent one for just a short time then drop it off at your destination is ideal.

L McGarrity Via email

River of life

I WAS saddened to hear that Port Glasgow's Ferguson shipbuilders was in trouble. This is not just about jobs and people's lives, it's more than that.

The Clyde is empty, and only comes alive occasionally with the odd festival.

Losing the yards also meant losing part of our identity. Maybe, with river investment, we would feel whole again.

C Rogers Via email

Games parade

GREAT to see the Team Scotland athletes being cheered through Glasgow on Friday. For once, I didn't mind the traffic hold ups, and dumped my car to join the cheering crowds.

Why can't Glasgow be like the Games all the time?

May Wallace Via e-mail