DRIVING into Glasgow I was disgusted by the antics of a motorcyclist.

The M80 was very busy, with speed averaging 40mph, when this person rode between myself and another vehicle.

Instead of continuing his journey he began weaving across the road in front the car in the inside lane and at the same time he was giving the driver the V sign.

All this was happening as the traffic was moving forward.

I have no idea what the driver had done to make the biker act in such a dangerous manner but it really made me wish a police car had been in the area.

Motorcyclists seem to think they are not bound by the same rules of the road as other motorists, well it's about time they were made to stick to them.

George Knowles Cumbernauld

Locals lose out

I would like to ask the councillors who approved the pop concerts in Bellahouston park to view what goes on at these events.

I would contend that a large park in a residential area is not a suitable location for these events, as they are very difficult to steward and police. I would suggest a stadium or similar venue which also gives cover from the elements is much more appropriate and would deter open drinking of alcohol, off street urinating, and anti-social and criminal behaviour.

Interestingly, local shops appeared to stock up on fortified wine before the gigs took place. They were the only winners, apart from Council coffers.

Bill Love Glasgow

Car conundrum

Perhaps someone at Glasgow City Council might care to explain and justify the logic of the continued provision of several metered parking spaces in West George Street, beyond the new taxi rank, opposite Consort House - when the only possible vehicular access thereto is eastwards from West Nile Street via the camera-monitored, bus-gated Nelson Mandela Place?

Andrew Stephen Cumbernauld Commuters' Association