What is going to happen to all the motorists caught speeding?

(7182 drivers caught speeding, August 19).

While I applaud having community police trained and deployed to areas where local people are distressed by speeding vehicles, can we have similar creativity when it comes to punishing these people?

How about using the half a million pounds raised through fines to run classes re-educating careless drivers about what can happen when they flout the rules of the road? I bet most of those fined pay up and then go back out to start speeding again.

I, and I'm sure many others too, want to see them stopped.

Grace King Lennoxtown

Catch them all

I think it is a really positive thing that more and more speeding drivers are being caught.

It infuriates me when I see careless driving and speeding is one of the worst offences. It can have terrible, far-reaching consequences and needs to be stopped.

Margaretta McLelland Dennistoun

Fine writing

I had to write to say how impressed and how moved I have been by your reporter Janice Burn's coverage of the baby ashes scandal.

These parents are going through hell but Ms Burns has managed to portray their troubles sensitively and with respect.

It is a great series and I looking forward to reading more from her.

Lorraine French Cambuslang

Great War tales

It has been fascinating to read all of the First World War stories that have been in the Evening Times in the past few months. I have really enjoyed reading about Glasgow's role in the Great War and interesting aspects of your stories from both the home front and the front line.

Maybe you could look at different communities across the city and how they were affected.

I hope you plan to continue your series until the end of the year.

Catherine Smith Battlefield