We thought a wee day out to Largs this week would be lovely.

The weather was fine and we headed out.

When we got near West Kilbride we came across a long queue and due to roadworks we were stuck there for ages.

Finally on reaching Largs we later decided to return to Glasgow by way of Wemyss Bay.

On going through there once again we encountered roadworks. This time we must have taken about an hour to get past these.

What a nightmare. Surely at the peak of the tourist season the powers that be could liaise with each other and leave at least one route open for traffic to get in and out of a popular seaside town such as Largs - or is that too much of joined-up thinking?

Rosemary Keery

East Kilbride

NHS recruits

ALEX Salmond says he is going to sign up 500 apprentices in the NHS for IT and admin.

Doesn't he realise we have enough pen pushers in the NHS?

Surely it's doctors and nurses we need, not another load of administrators.

James Hill


Cast your vote

FOR Scotland to leave, or not to leave the UK, is as important a decision for the country as any in the past three centuries.

For this decision to be made on a low poll would be shameful.

The country should be aiming at an 80% polling result. So great indeed are the stakes, that to vote becomes a duty.

Postal votes are obtainable only until September 3. Don't fail Scotland, please see that you have, and that you cast, your vote.

Sir Norman Arthur


Food shame

When I was a child at primary school, we were encouraged to bring our pennies into school each week, so that we could save money for the poor people in need in other countries across the world.

How on earth in this day and age are some of our own people having to go to food banks and living in poverty?

How dare this be allowed to happen when this country hands out so much to other causes abroad?

M Williamson

East Kilbride