Since the Big G placed at George Square for the Commonwealth Games was such a bit hit for tourists and also for the people of Glasgow, it should remain in the city centre for all to enjoy (Friday).

Could it not be moved to another part of the square to be enjoyed as a reminder of the Games or perhaps to Glasgow Green, also a famous location.

It has been photographed by so many people, so I hope it continues to be a focal point wherever it ends up.

Fiona Stewart


Track move

WITH regards the Commonwealth Games track moving to Falkirk (Friday) , what about putting the track in Cathkin Park or Queen's Park, both are nearby?

I thought Glaswegians would benefit from the equipment after all the upheaval and disruption resulting from the event.

Robin Smith

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New ships

I work in the North Sea and the emergency response ships that are on standby should there be an emergency are owned by the Craig Group.

Why has the Craig Group ordered six new ships from a Spanish ship builder?

These new ships are worth millions of pounds yet they are being built in Spain, can some one please tell me why?

When our own shipyard on the Clyde is closing down, these new ships should have went to Ferguson's to build.

This country needs to seriously look at itself and realise that these stupid EU rules can be broken.

Scott Walker

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