I SEE the Big G is being moved from George Square now that the Commonwealth Games are over.

I don't know if us ordinary folk will be consulted about where it ends up, but can I suggest it would look good at a riverside site, perhaps near the Broomielaw, where it will be noticed by lots of residents and visitors alike?

Name and address supplied

Star's death

SO sad to read about the death of Sir Richard Attenborough (Evening Times, August 25).

Not only was he a great actor and director, but I've been very touched by all the tributes flooding in about his tireless work for charity.

Even though his own life was touched by tragedy, he always thought of others.

I'll look forward to seeing some of his movies - The Great Escape was my favourite - as they will no doubt be screened on TV in the near future.



Bank holiday

It was a Bank Holiday in England yesterday.

How do I know this? Well, apart from the radio and TV putting out holiday programmes, all my colleagues wages had dropped into their accounts on Friday.

That is despite the fact that we do not get paid until the 26th of every month.

I am with a Scottish bank so my wages dropped in on the correct date.

It's just a little thing but incredibly annoying and makes me wonder if it's worthwhile swapping banks.

Mary Smith


Shipyard bid

I was so glad to see that a businessman with a successful background has been chosen to take on Ferguson shipyard.

The workers on the Clyde have had a lot to deal with over the years.

It seems that one by one industry has fallen by the wayside and many people have lost their jobs.

But this news at least makes it seems that maybe something good is happening.

George Brown