As a suggestion to the leader of the council, why not place the Big G at St Enoch Square or the Emirates Arena for a lasting legacy?

And why not locate the Clyde Statues at iconic buildings with CCTV to monitor them and create a trail for tourists to follow.

Mr Clean

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Fastlink woe

Much as I wholeheartedly agree with other readers that Braehead could do with a train station, it won't get it due to this Fastlink bus service that Govan has been ripped apart for.

Only a handful of Govan residents actually know much about Fastlink, as there has been no consultation.

Tommy Campbell


City's Big Deal

The recently announced Big Deal is obviously great news and long overdue investment for Glasgow and surrounding area, but before we get too carried away, what happens if there is a Yes vote in the referendum?

Will a UK government want to invest three-quarters of a billion pounds in a foreign country?

As the SNP has shown in the past, it is not the biggest fan of the local authorities in west central Scotland and it would not take much to give them an excuse to withdraw their investment.

Ian Stewart

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New city flats

Interesting to read the plans for luxury flats in Merchant City (Evening Times, Friday).

But why do they have to build luxury flats so the well-to-do can get them?

Why can't they build them for key workers and cleaners etc who work in the town centre?

David McGillivray

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BBC repeats

Has anybody else noticed the amount of repeats on BBC?

I have contacted them asking for a refund on my TV licence, which I may add I am forced to pay, or suffer the consequences.

The excuse they give is according to their viewing figures, they are well received.

Take Monday for example, nearly half the programmes broadcast are repeats.