Further to Mr Clean's clever letter of August 27, where he suggests the Clyde mascot be placed in front of iconic buildings, could I suggest a further enhancement?

I believe that the Clyde Games mascot reached worldwide recognition and status and is now much loved and sadly missed by tourists and inhabitants of this fair city.

Why not create a few giant Clydes and place them at the main entry points (motorways, train stations etc) to Glasgow?

Clyde's happy disposition would put a smile on every face and let people know they are entering the friendly City.

Come on, Council - do it for Christmas, it's a winner.

Bill Love Mosspark

Syria pride

REGARDING the news that Glasgow is to offer sanctuary for Syrian refugees (Evening Times, August 26).

We have a proud tradition of helping refugees in Scotland and I, for one, am proud of that.

Ron Campbell posted online

Tribute to Sam

I was saddened by the recent passing of Sam Galbraith.

He was a hard-working MP and MSP for his constituents in Bearsden and Strathkelvin, as well as a leading brain doctor of world class standing.

His patients included my cousin Dougie MacGillivray, on whom he once performed a successful operation.

He was a pioneer in his field as well as something of a 'miracle man' who will be much missed by many.

Iain Henderson Ibrox

Movie mugs

Why am I not surprised by the news that a £40million film studio is to be built in the Pentland hills?

This despite all the existing film industry already being in the West of Scotland.

Wake up, all you councillors and MSPs who are representing Westies.

You're being mugged for potential jobs right, left and centre.

Ian Jones Paisley